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On Test - Cloudultra - Sonia Samuels

Running Background

I like to run most days of the week so try to mix training up with several runs off-road. I usually wear a neutral shoe, and as a forefoot runner, I look for a cushioned trail shoe that is not too heavy or rigid.


The On Cloud Trail shoe is one of the best trail shoes I have used in the last 10 years. I found the shoe exceptionally comfortable and well-fitting and it performed well on all surfaces from rocky to gravel to muddy trails. Oh, and I also use them for my long walks on Sunday!

Cushioning/Responsiveness The shoe offers great cushioning but is not too heavy or rigid when running on a smoother surface. I found the shoe had good flexibility but still offered enough stability when navigating uneven and rocky trails.

Weight As trail shoes go they are pretty light but don't lack the support and durability you would expect from a good trail shoe.

Fit The inside sock design means they are a snug fit but super comfortable and I didn't find there was any rubbing which can often be a problem on the heel area. I did find this inner sock design meant I had to go up half a size. There is also the flip release tag on the laces which also allows you to either tighten or loosen the laces really easily.

Traction The shoe performs well on gravel and the tread doesn't trap any loose stones which can be really annoying! They also work well on the mud too.

Sonia Samuels - Olympic Marathon Runner -

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