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New On Cloudsurfer - Game changer?!

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

On have made another leap of faith with the new Cloudsurfer. Utilising a new 'phased' cushioning system, the cloudsurfer has the softest and plushest feel of any of the On range.

The surfer makes it very easy to run with good form. Whether you are a heel or mid-foot striker the shoe will give a smooth heel-to-toe transition. The propulsive nature of the shoe gives the illusion of running slightly downhill (even on the flat).

Minimal support favours those whole like to feel free. The 10mm drop is a bit exaggerated given that the shoe is cushioned in this way.    

On are also pushing the boundaries in terms of sustainability. The unique creek colourway is achieved using a dope dyeing technique that uses 90% less water. 30% of the shoe is sourced from recycled materials. 

Suitable for distances up to half-marathon.

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