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5 things I can do today to improve:

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

We all like to look for a magic bullet now and then. Here are some of the best tips picked up over the years...

1. Train in a group...

You might have heard the saying "ride on the shoulders of giants" or "ride on their coat tails", well, there is some truth to these fables. Training with others can boost your mood as well as performance.

“Ride on the shoulders of Giants”

2. Relax...

Muscles work in pairs. When one muscle is contracted the other must be relaxed for this partnership to work effectively.

3. Run free...

Wear clothing that does not restrict you. Restrictive clothing will cause discomfort and eventually pain. Vaseline can help if you must wear tight fitting clothes.

4. Get out what you put in...

Some trainers are designed to absorb as much energy as possible. Yes these trainers cushion you from injury but they can also sap all of your energy. Get a pair of responsive trainers.

5. Drink more...

Water has been seen to be as effective as energy drinks when exercising in a warm environment. Staying hydrated is key to maintaining blood flow and bodily functions.

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